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Health Service Fee List

Our IV Hydration and Nutrient Service helps your body immediately get essential vitamins and nutrients during recovery from surgery or daily life. Replenish and revive energy, boost immunity, fight disease, cell function and much more.

J’essential Lose Weight & Hydrate IV:

$245 500ml NS ,$125 250ml NS or $50 1 ml IM injection. This Amazing blend of Vitamin B12m B6, B3, B2, Vit C and Fat burners given with IV Hydration or as an IM Injection to fight visceral and subcutaneous fat.

J’essential B Complex:

$40 1 ml IM injection. This is a Energy & Metabolism Boost from the Awesome B family…B1, B2,B12, B6, B3

MIC Lipo Plus:

$35 1 ml IM This is Amazing at unhealthy fat removal from stubborn areas such as the tummy, side love handles and back fat. Blend of B12 and Amino Acids

J’essential Athletic $225 500 ml NS Blend of Vit C, B and antioxidants.

Athletic Repair & Recovery is enhanced with this blend of nutrients to heal, repair and build healthy tissue after workouts, competitions and surgeries.

J’essential Ultimate Detox

$225 500ml NS Blend of mega detoxification nutrients to cleanse the body and promote optimal functioning. Followed by a Glutathione 1400mg (IV Push) for enhanced results.

J’essential Emergency Immunity Boost

$225 500ml NS. Blend of Vit B’s Vit C with Lysine and Zinc to Boost Immunity Immediately.

J’essential Refresh Rehydrate:

$225 500 ml NS. Blend of a Myer’s Cocktail with essential nutrients that help repair, rebuild tissue, relieve chronic pain, stress, boost immunity and more. Restore energy while healing.

J’essential Youth Vitality:

$225 500ml NS. Essential Vitamins B, C, followed by a Glutathione 1400mg (IV Push) 500 ml NS will revive cell growth, repair, rebuild tissue, boost energy and metabolism.

J’essential Brain Revitalization:

$350 NAD plus Glutathione 2000mg (IVPush) 500 ml NS. For Brain health, three times weekly for 1 week. For neurodegenerative disorders. (A four-day course of treatment is recommended.) Restore brain function by detoxing unhealthy impurities in the system. This master detox can help repair, restore and improved brain and body function.

J’essential Beauty & Body:

$225 in 500 ml NS. This Blend promotes essentials to fortify hair, skin, nails, reduce wrinkles, promote weight loss Vit C, Vit B1,2,3,6 and Glutathione 1000ml IVP Glutathione $ 40 IVPush with Steril Water. A powerful Antioxidant and key component to continuous regeneration of healthy skin pigment, elasticity, wrinkle reduction, fight free radicals, heavy metals and organ toxins. Helps Keep the Body Strong