Are There Any Potential Downsides?

Yes, like every healthcare treatment available today, there are no guarantees. Stem cell therapy produces miracles everyday. But, everyone is different, and some conditions respond better than others. And it is dependent on each individual and their condition(s).

Patients taking anti-inflammatory drugs may have to come off their medications a few days prior to and after the injection. Current studies implicate some anti-inflammatory drugs may interfere with the stem cell healing process.


Are There Any Side Effects?

To date, there has not been one case of known side effects. Of course, there are inherent risks with any type of injection. For example, an injection of any type can result in an infection. Infection risks are extremely low (How many people have you known that has had an infection from an injection?).


How Long Does Treatment Take?

It is a simple, fast injection. Some conditions may require additional treatment, but many conditions are, “one and done,” one injection, and that’s it! And although it may take several months before the healing process is complete, most patients feel relief in less than six weeks.


Where Do Stem Cells Come From?

Vibrant Health uses cells derived from umbilical cords. Our FDA compliant laboratory obtain donated umbilical cords from healthy born babies and mothers. The mothers, fathers, and umbilical cords are rigorously screened and tested.

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